Osprey Coloring Pages

The Osprey, also known as the sea hawk, lives all over the world, but prefers to stay close to the water. The Osprey eats mostly fish, so they have developed hunting skills to help catch their prey from the water. They have great eyesight that helps them see underwater objects from the air. When they [...]

Numbat Coloring Pages

The numbat is a small marsupial found in the woodlands of Australia. Numbats eat small insects such as ants or termites. For a snack for students bring in some celery with peanut butter and add raisins on top. The raisins can represent the termites a numbat might eat. Have the students try to eat just [...]

Margay Coloring Pages

The margay is a small cat the lives in the forests of Central and South America. This cat spends most of its time hunting monkeys, birds, and small mammals in the trees. Ask students to look at their picture of the Margay and have them circle what features of the cat may help them stay [...]

Galah Coloring Pages

The galah, also known as the rose breasted cockatoo lives in Australia. They eat various kinds of grasses and prefer to live close to the water. These birds travel long distances in large flocks and are known for being very loud. Ask students to think of other loud birds and have them mimic some of [...]

Emu Coloring Pages

Emu live in the grasslands and open forests of Australia, New Guinea, and Indonesia. These birds are flightless, but their long legs allow them to run at speeds up to 48 kph. Emus eat a variety of plants and insects. Emus are also unique because after the mother has laid her eggs she will leave, [...]

Woodchuck Coloring Pages

Everyone has heard the tongue twister. “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” But does the woodchuck really have anything to do with wood? In fact this is just a nickname for the better known animal, the groundhog. Groundhogs are known for creating their house by burrowing tunnels underground. [...]

Serval Coloring Pages

The Serval is a medium sized cat native to Africa. One feature they are known for are their large ears. Ask students to predict how large ears may help a cat. For an experiment play an animal sound aloud to the class. Slowly lower the volume until they are unable to hear it. Then try [...]

Ring Tailed Lemur Coloring Pages

The ring-tailed lemur lives in the forest of Madagascar. It eats mostly fruits and leaves. Lemurs are social animals and can live in groups of up to 30. They are also known for their long fluffy tails. Have students create their own tail using felt and yarn. Cut a long white strip of felt that [...]

Musk Ox Coloring Pages

First before coloring ask students how they stay warm during the winter. They may wear coats, gloves, or hats. How do animals learn how to stay warm in cold weather? Musk oxen live in the Arctic tundra, but their long thick hair helps them stay warm. The longer hair covers a shorter undercoat that provides [...]

Kinkajou Coloring Pages

The kinkajou makes its home in the South and Central American rainforests. While they may look similar to a small primate, the Kinkajou is actually more closely related to a raccoon. They spend their day sleeping and at night go out to find something to eat. They enjoy fruit, nectar, and honey. They will use [...]