Aardvark Coloring Pages

First, draw, color, and cut out small termites and insects. Then, lay out a large sheet of brown paper on the floor to represent dirt. Scatter the paper termites and insects on the dirt. Next, give each child a ball of sticky putty, and ask them to roll it out to look like a skinny [...]

Magpie Coloring Pages

This is a great activity to get kids up and moving while learning about magpies. First, collect several shiny objects. These could include jewelry, coins, and aluminum foil. Places the shiny objects around the room. Then, tell all of the children to walk around the room and collect shiny objects. Once they all finish, explain [...]

Helix Coloring Pages

This activity is a fun way for all of the children to learn about helices, or garden snails. First, set up a few learning stations. Have one station be creating a helix, or garden snail. Make sure there are pictures of helices at this station so all of the children know how to make a [...]

Fennec Fox Coloring Pages

This activity is good to let kids teach each other a few fun facts about fennec foxes. First, write facts about fennec foxes on index cards. Write one fact per card. For example, “fennec foxes have very big ears that help keep them cool,” “fennec foxes are the smallest species of all foxes,” and “fennec [...]

Black Mamba Coloring Pages

This is a great activity to entertain kids with a fun craft while also teaching them a little bit about black mambas. First, cut out long strips of construction paper. They can be different sizes, but make sure that some of them are several feet long to represent how long some black mambas can grow. [...]

Tilapia Coloring Pages

Give each child a piece of paper, and ask them to draw, color, and cut out a tilapia fish. While they do this, draw and cut out additional tilapia. Lay out two large pieces of blue paper on the floor to mimic water. Label one “freshwater” and the other “saltwater/freshwater.” Explain to the children that [...]

Teal Coloring Pages

This fun and interactive activity is a great way to get kids excited about learning about green-winged teals. First, draw and cut out a large outline of a green- winged teal, and hang it on the wall. Give each child a large handful of mostly brown, black, and white feathers but some teal colored feathers [...]

Robin Coloring Pages

This is a great game to teach kids a few fun facts about robins. First, take all of the children outside. Explain to them how robins make round nests in the trees. Then, tell them to gather materials and build their own nest as a robin would. Once the children finish this task, tell them [...]

Raven Coloring Pages

This is a fun activity for kids to get up and move around and also learn about ravens. First, show all of the children pictures of ravens so they know what one looks like. Then, give them all a sheet of white construction paper and markers. Ask them to draw their own raven. Also, give [...]

Osmoderma Coloring Pages

This activity is a great way to let kids be creative while they learn about osmodermas, or hermit beetles. First, collect enough empty toilet paper rolls for each child to have his or her own. Then, give all of the children a roll, dark brown, glossy paper, scissors, and a pen. Show them pictures of [...]