Ladybird Spider Coloring Pages

This activity is a great way to teach kids a few facts about ladybird spiders. First, give each child his or her own pencil and a white sheet of construction paper. Then, show all of the children, step-by-step, how to draw a ladybird spider. Start with the body, then the head, and finally, the eight [...]

Coconut Crab Coloring Pages

Take all of the kids outside for a learning game about coconut crabs. Once outside, ask them about where they think coconut crabs live. Tell the children a little bit about coconut crabs, specifically that they can crush coconuts with their claws, and they can grow to be a few feet big. Ask the children [...]

Aye Aye Coloring Pages

Time for some trivia about aye- ayes! Research easy and fun facts about aye- ayes for children. Based on the facts, write questions along with their answers on cards. For example, “Is an aye- aye’s tail bushy and big or thin and short?” or “Are aye- ayes more active at night or during the day?” [...]

Ibex Coloring Pages

This hands on activity will teach kids about ibexes in a fun way. Demonstrate the facts you teach the children in the best way you can. For example, ibexes are also known as wild goats. Present pictures of goats and ibexes to the children so they can visualize what they look like. Another example is [...]

Swordfish Coloring Pages

This is a fun activity for kids to learn about swordfish. First, give all of the chidlren a sheet of construction paper, markers, and scissors. Show them pictures of what swordfish look like, and then, ask them to draw their own swordfish. If the child wants his or her swordfish to be smaller than three [...]

Pelagos Trout Coloring Pages

To make a pelagos trout, first, draw and cut out the outline of a fish. Also, draw and cut out fish scales from brown, gray, and black construction paper. Next, print out pictures of pelagos trouts so that the children know what they look like. Then, give each child a cut out of a fish, [...]

Oil Beetle Coloring Pages

This is a quick and fun activity for kids to learn a few fun facts about oil beetles. First, give each child a black and white map of the world and markers. Ask them to color in Britain, which is where most oil beetles are found. Then, give them a white sheet of construction paper, [...]

Muskrat Coloring Pages

This game is a fun and interactive way to teach kids about muskrats. First, get enough blindfolds for every child to have his or her own. Tell all of the children that they are going to pretend to be baby muskrats. Ask them to put on the blindfolds. Then, tell to to try and walk [...]

Cockatiel Coloring Pages

To make a cockatiel, first, glue together a styrofoam sphere to a styrofoam oval. This will be the cockatiel’s body. Stick two small wooden sticks into the bottom of the body. Then, use pipe cleaners to wrap around the sticks as claws. Make enough for each child to have their own pet cockatiel. Next, give [...]

Weasel Coloring Pages

This craft is great for kids to get creative while learning a few facts about weasels. First, to make a weasel, gather enough empty toilet paper rolls for each child to have his or her own. Give each child a roll, construction paper, scissors, and markers. Have them draw and cut out a weasel’s head, [...]