Impala Coloring Pages

Impalas live in the savanna and woodlands of Africa. In spring after the rainy season, they will gather in herds so they can graze together. Herds are another form of protection from predators because one impala will alert the others if there is danger. Impalas are known for their speed and jumping abilities. Male impalas [...]

Capybara Coloring Pages

The capybara is the largest rodent in the world and lives in South America. It is a social animal that live in groups of around 10-20. Capybaras are also good swimmers and tend to live by lakes, rivers, or swamps in the rainforest. They eat grass, aquatic plants, and some fruits. Since this is largest [...]

Arctic Hare Coloring Pages

The Arctic hare lives in the North American tundra and live in cold climates with the help of different adaptations. The hare had white think fur so it is able to blend in with the snow and is able to stay warm. They may also dig small shelters in the snow or huddle together for [...]

Alpaca Coloring Pages

The alpaca, which looks very similar to its relative, the llama, lives in South America. Alpaca are much smaller than llamas and prefer to live with a herd. While llamas are used as pack animals alpacas have been bred for their wool. The fibers from their fur has been used to make hats, scarves, and [...]

African Wild Dog Coloring Pages

The African wild dog lives in the open plains and woodland areas of Africa. Each dog has a unique coat with patches of brown, white, red, or black fur. They live in packs and hunt together. They can go after much larger prey including antelopes and wildebeests when they work together. Have students work on [...]

Timber Wolf Coloring Pages

The Timber wolf is the largest canine and lives in many areas of the world including North America, Europe, and Asia. They are pack animals that hunt together. Their prey include elk, deer, moose, and caribou. The wolves communicate with each other through barks, whines, growls, and howls. These can signal other wolves in their [...]

Mule Deer Coloring Pages

The Mule deer are known for their large ears that look similar to the ears of a mule. They are native to the western parts of North America. They graze on weeds or shrubs around the Rocky Mountain area. Males often times have antlers that they will lose during the winter and they will begin [...]

Mallard Coloring Pages

A mallard is a wild duck that is found in many parts of North America and Europe. Males can be spotted by their green head and grey wings while females have spotted brown feathers. These birds prefer to stay together in a flock and live near lakes or rivers. They eat water plants or small [...]

Caracal Coloring Pages

Caracals are medium sized cats that live in the savannas and drylands of Africa, India, and parts of the Middle East. These cats can be recognized for their unique ear tufts that are believed to be used for communication between the cats. These cats will hunt any animal around including rodents, monkeys, or mongooses, but [...]

Burrowing Owl Coloring Pages

Burrowing owls may be easy to miss due to their small size, but they live in many parts of North and South America. They prefer open areas with low ground plants and make their home in small borrows created by other animals. They will eat a variety of animals including mice, insects, and small reptiles. [...]