Burrowing Owl Coloring Pages

Burrowing owls may be easy to miss due to their small size, but they live in many parts of North and South America. They prefer open areas with low ground plants and make their home in small borrows created by other animals. They will eat a variety of animals including mice, insects, and small reptiles. [...]

Scarlet Macaw Coloring Pages

The Scarlet Macaw makes its home in the rainforest trees of Central and South America. They are recognized for their red head and colorful feathers. The will eat various fruits, nuts, and insects within the forests. Their strong beak can help them break open nuts or seeds. Their loud squawking can also be heard throughout [...]

Red Tailed Hawk Coloring Pages

The red tailed hawk has its name due to its brick colored tail, even though not all hawks have this feature. These birds prefer to spend their time in the open plains or deserts of North and Central America. These hunters have learned to stay perched high above their prey before they dive down to [...]

Ocelot Coloring Pages

Ask students to brainstorm a list of animals that may live in the trees. Would one of these animals include a cat? While cats are good at climbing sometimes they can have trouble getting back down. Luckily this is not a problem for the Ocelot. They live in the canopies of South America or in [...]

Great Horned Owl Coloring Pages

The great horned owl is one of the most common owls in North America. It makes its home in the trees of wetlands, forests, grasslands, and even backyards. The owl is a nocturnal animal so it prefers to hunt at night. Its prey includes mice, frogs, and sometimes scorpions. A fun group project kids could [...]

Gila Monster Coloring Pages

The Gila monster is one of the few venomous lizards in the world. A Gila bite is extremely painful but has never caused a human death. These lizards occupy a small section of North American desert and is also the largest lizard native to the United States. Lizards are cold blooded animals that live in [...]

Yak Coloring Pages

Yaks live in herds of up to 100 yaks in the mountainous regions of Asia. They can live in cold climates with their long hair. Like many other members of the cow family they spend most of their time grazing and like other cows have more than one stomach. Yaks are also known for their [...]

Sugar Glider Coloring Pages

A sugar glider is a small marsupial that lives in the forests of Australia and Indonesia. They are nocturnal animals that glide from tree to tree be stretching the thin skin between their arms and legs. They can find sweet fruits to eat and avoid predators by flying through the air. A sugar glider is [...]

Dingo Coloring Pages

The Dingo is a wild dog that lives in Australia and parts of Southeast Asia. They may live alone or travel in packs of up to 10 dogs. They hunt in groups in search of small prey such as rodents, birds, and lizards, but they will also eat some fruits and plants. Dingos are also [...]

Tasmanian Devil Coloring Pages

The Tasmanian devil is a marsupial that lives on a small island of Australia. They look similar to a small bear and are known for their aggressive behavior. They also have sharp teeth and have one of the strongest bites of any mammal. They are nocturnal carnivores and hunt small animals such as snakes, fish, [...]